Woman Who Quit Her Job, Takes 57 Days To Find Her Missing Dog

What would you do if you lost your beloved pet? Would you quit your job? That is exactly what a woman in Washington did when she lost her beloved border collie, Katie. The woman quit her job as a postal carrier in order to spend 57 days searching with her husband to find Her fur-baby.

Image credits: Debora Larose

Katie managed to escape from a hotel room in July during a trip to Montana with owners Carole and Verne King. Though the dog loves people, she’s also skittish and was lost in a strange place near the vast open space of Glacier National Park — so the Kings knew they faced a challenge.

Image credits: Debora Larose

They searched the hotel grounds, calling for Katie until early morning. Nothing.  The next day, King continued her search, putting up fliers, knocking on doors and posting on social media.

Image credits: Debora Larose

Carole came close to finding her skittish, timid pet on September 15 when a man called to say a dog matching Katie’s description was in her yard. They were distraught to arrive and find Katie gone – but an amazing stroke of luck finally reunited Carole with her pet moments later.

Image credits: Debora Larose

Then, when she was told she couldn’t take time off work to search for her dog, Carole simply quit her job.

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