UPS Driver Adopts Adorable Pitbull On Her Route After His Owner Passed Away

“It was probably confusing for him at first, [but] he has adapted well,” Katie told the Pup Journal. “He and his brother Moose are inseparable. Bailey, his sister, has taken a while to come around, [but] they actually play now … once Leo was introduced into the house, the whole vibe changed.”

While Leo will always love Tina, he has thankfully found a wonderful place to call home with a mom and siblings who love him more than anything.

“I do know that Leo missed Tina when he first got here,” Newhouser said. “He would whine at night before he would fall asleep. It was heartbreaking, really. He still does every once in a while.

I know he misses her.”Despite missing Tina, Leo loves playing and lying in the yard with Newhouser’s other dogs and has a new family who will always love him.

Leo is a sweet, friendly dog who always has a big smile on his face. If you’d like to learn more about Leo and Katie, check out the video below.

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H/T: Bored Panda

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