Two Stray Dogs Run Up Teenager Youtubers And Ask Them To Help Save Their Friend

A couple of friends decided to check out an abandoned waterpark after a lot of rain had filled up the pools. The teenage YouTube vlogger Trevor Costelloe often visits abandoned constructions near his hometown of San Diego, he is a huge fan of urban exploring and he shares all his journeys on his YouTube channel.

At first, they thought they were alone until they spotted a big white pooch running around near the slides. The dog kept looking over at them as if he was trying to get their attention and wanted to say something.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The lads decided to head over him, but when they reached scared dog, they saw he wasn’t alone. There was also a pit bull with him.

So the two dogs led the boys over to a pool, where there is their drowning friend, This dog somehow slipped in and was unable to get out on his own.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

It was obvious the dog had quickly become weak, and he wouldn’t have lasted much longer in there alone.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

One of the boys helped pull the dog to safety, His two fur friends ran right up to him, licking him and wagging their tails. They were so grateful!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

If those friends weren’t there that day, there’s no way that poor dog would’ve made it.

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