This Toddler and Her Deaf Great Dane have Created A Bond For Life

In theory, almost any dog has the potential to get along great with children. But this Disable Great Dane has a lot more of love to share with her 17-months-old Best Friend Jennie.

Source: YouTube | Inside Edition

Echo was hopefully rescued by Jennie’s mom after her previous owner surrendered her because she’s deaf and with limited sight. Even though Jennie and Echo are inseparable and look forward to their adorable daily walks, where Jennie insist on holding the leash, while Echo guarantee to be her guardian angel.

Source: YouTube | Inside Edition

When Marion became pregnant, the Great Dane paid so much attention to the baby bump. “We always said she would be the baby’s best friend and she really is,” Said the mom to Inside Edition.

The besties are always near each other all day long, despite Echo’s disabilities, they can communicate in the most cutest way. It seems like these two have created a special bond for life.

Source: Inside Edition

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