This Puppy Got Separated From The Cow Who Raised Him – Watch The Tear-Jerking Moment They’re Reunited

Rookie suffered a great deal of grief once he understood his best friend was no longer around for him. The dog howled and barked repeatedly while returning again and again to the enclosure that was once home to the cow. The despair was clear in Rookie’s eyes and it was sad to observe the state of the dog.

As it turns out, though, the cow had been sold to another person who wasn’t very far away—and Rookie could still hear the cow even at all that distance.

The dog took off running despite the protests that came from his owner. Rookie ignored the calls from his owner to stop. His only concern was the sound of the cow’s voice. Rookie followed the sound of the mooing until he found the cow tied in a stall. He jumped and licked the cow’s face.

Rookie’s owner, who had followed him from his own property, scolded Rookie and brought him back home. Yet again Rookie’s mood went south – he felt the anxiety of being kept apart from the creature he had bonded with.

For Rookie, being separated from the one who raised him and treat him like a son, was heart-breaking. He lost all his energy, his appetite…all his enthusiasm.

The owner could not stand to see his dog being so sad all day long. So he decided there was only one thing to do for Rookie to be the same again. And the cow mother had returned. His owner decided to bring her back because all he wanted was to see his beloved dog happy again.

That despite the cow was far more expensive for the family financially. More than that, he brought another small puppy so Rookie to have a new companion of his kind, too.

Congratulations on being reunited with your friend, Rookie!

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