This Foodie Corgi Puppy Let out The Cutest Howl Between Every Bite Of Food

what makes someone a foodie…doesn’t everyone like food?”

Foodies are people that talk while they’re eating. Maybe not with their mouth full, but they talk about the experience of what they’re eating. So this definitely applies to dogs as well! For this cute puppy Howling between every bite of food is a one must rule to live by! Just wait to see her blessing howls in this video.

Willo the corgi pup is in her first learning journey and loves learning about the world and. She Let out a cute tiny “aroo” to let everyone see how happy she is enjoying her treats.

Turn sound on 🔊 to see the joyful story of Willo Foodies Singing.

This corgi puppy howls when she takes a bite of food

This corgi pup howls whenever she takes a bite of food 😋(via:

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