“I Am a Gift from God” Abandoned Dog In Ohio Was Found With Scary Messages Inked on Her Body

The amazing dog rescues teams always find abandoned dogs in a very harsh situation, they’re found in a miserable with all that messy fur or maybe suffering from severe injuries and always shocked and fear human beings.

This Time Ross County Human Society rescued a poor stray dog in a park in Chilicothe, Ohio whom found with several messages written with permanent marker on her beautiful body.

Inked with scary messages like “Good Home Only” written on the top of her head and “I Am a Gift from God”. The story of this innocent dog is unclear and we weren’t sure about the motifs of surrendering this dog nor this cruel person who would dare to express a message on his pet, he could only abandoned it to a dog shelter.

Although the harsh time this beautiful dog has gone through, she has been sent to RCHS Center where she got hot bath and get all the ink removed off her body and this miraculous baby got the name of Marvella.

The Shelter shared her story on the social media where she actually had so many applications whom excited to open their homes after they knew what she has been through and within few fays she finally found her new best loving parents again. Watch the full rescue story in this video.

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