Stray Dog Falls Asleep On My Shoulder After Realizing He’s Being Rescued

“He was tired when I first got him, which is why he fell asleep right away in the car ride to the hospital.” Anand Stated.

At the clinic, Raman learned the reason behind the dog’s wobbly gait: He had rickets in both of his front legs due to malnutrition. Gratefully, the condition is treatable and will not have lasting effects.

Source: Anand Raman via Instagram

Finally home, Raman gave the dog a bath and was shocked by what it revealed: he was surprised to discover the dog had beautiful pure white fur, so Raman decided to name the pup Snowy after his beautiful coat of fur.

After two months in Raman’s house, Snowy finally comfortable. He realized his human loved him and wasn’t going to let him go anywhere fast.”

Source: Anand Raman via Instagram

Snowy is probably now the happiest dog—he loves hanging out with other dogs in his neighborhood, and he also enjoys giving his dad hugs. This dog has a great life!

When Raman found Snowy, he was scared, hungry, and lonely. Now, the dog has a great place to call home and a dad who loves him more than anything! If you want to see more cute photos of Snowy, check out Raman’s Instagram page.

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