Stray Dog Falls Asleep On My Shoulder After Realizing He’s Being Rescued

It was a burning day in Dubai when Anand Raman went to visit his sister at work. The whole world in Dubai was trying to find ways to keep cool as well as one dirty young pooch seeking shade beneath a parked car at his sister’s office.

The pup’s fur was matted and something was obviously wrong with his legs. Hiding under the car eating leftovers some of her workers had left for him. Regardless of his poor condition, when the dog saw Anand, he came running like some long-lost friend, and instantly, a bond was formed.

Raman wasn’t planning on saving a life that day, but one look at the happy pup and he knew he had no choice.

Source: Anand Raman via Instagram

“He approached me with a curious but excited character, wagging his tail excitedly,” he said. “This behavior of his is what initially made me fall in love with him.”

Source: Anand Raman via Instagram

We then sat there for a while on the sidewalk and he was content just receiving pets from me for a while. I carried him into the car and he immediately fell asleep on my shoulder.

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