Proud Mom Help Her Rescued Bulldog Beat Anxiety While Dressed In a Turtle Costume

Bulldogs often have the biggest hearts but are more sensitive to what others find of them.

Lily was rescued from a garbage can, when she was just 5 weeks old. Her early abandonment has had an effect on her, and despite getting picked up and being loved all the time in her new home, she still feels unsafe around people.

plagued with many medical conditions influences her issues relating to others, she is a very loving English Bulldog but remained anxious and has to let you into her circle. “i want to her not to feel such anxiety, I want her to feel safe … if she would just relax and know that we love her in spite of her personality, life would be so much better” Her Mom Says.

However, her tender mom find out an amazing idea and that was the only thing could make her feel a happy confident dog again – an adorable turtle costume! As soon as the family bring it out whenever she is, she leave behind whatever she’s doing then you can see in her eyes that she just wants you to put on her superhero costumer again, sometimes she just wear the hat!

This amazing familly has really something to be proud of, they found a way that they could help their dog get over her anxiety while also being dressed as a turtle, what’s not to love? Watch Lilly’s touching story in the video below.

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