Police Dog Fired For Being Too Friendly, Later Gets His New Perfect Job

Meet Gavel, the German shepherd who desired to be a police dog but it turns out that being a police dog just might not be his thing.

He hails from Queensland, Australia and dreamed of joining the force. instead of sniffing for explosives and catching thieves as the other boys in blue, the pooch was more interested in getting a belly rub or two.

Source: Governor of Queensland via Facebook

He may have all the desire in the world to become an officer but he is just too nice to pull it off. In the end, this sweet puppy failed out of the police academy because he was ‘too friendly.’

However, being the good looking boy that he is, he didn’t have to spend a lot of time standing in line with the unemployed, because he has just landed an even better role for himself. All he has to do is just be his usual, social, and charming self.

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Source: Governor of Queensland via Facebook

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