Owners Starved Dog & Left Him To Die With Tumor, Shelter Has No Room For Him

The surgery would be risky and Holden would have to muster what remaining strength he had to survive. Thankfully, “the same fight that helped him survive has helped him make it through the night,” Releash Atlanta wrote.

Holden’s surgery went well and his tumor turned out to be non-cancerous. Releash Atlanta used their network to find a temporary foster home for Holden during his recovery and rehabilitation.

The good news kept coming. They found a foster, Melissa Lentz – a very experienced rescuer – took Holden home while he convalesced after his surgery. She specializes in fostering dogs who are scared and made sure that Holden felt safe and welcome in his new foster home.

Holden got to make friends with Lentz’s daughter and the nine other dogs who were living at the house at the time.

Since then, Holden’s entire demeanor has changed. He went from being hopeless to completely hopeful. He’s also eating well now and getting healthy.

“I feed him ALL the time,” Lentz said. “He may be old and he may or may not have cancer (biopsy not back yet), but someone is going to be VERY lucky to have this dog.”

He’s going to take some time to heal up before he is put up for adoption to find a forever home.But regardless of his age, Lentz says that “someone is going to be VERY lucky to have this dog.”

As soon as he is neutered and gets some dental work done he should be all ready to make someone very lucky in a new forever home.

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