Owners Starved Dog & Left Him To Die With Tumor, Shelter Has No Room For Him

With just 22.5 pounds on his old skeletal, Senior dog Holden arrived at the overcrowded shelter. Seized by police during a drug raid at the house he used to call home; the poor dog was scared, sad, and basically defeated. He had no enthusiasm for life when he first arrived at the animal shelter in Georgia.

However, fortunately, life was kind to him and in a few days, this dog was once more standing on his own legs. He was full of life and love to give to others.

Holden’s miraculous story of survival started when he showed up at the shelter, clearly neglected and starving. Even though he was shaky and nervous, whenever he saw any bowl of food at the shelter, even cat food, he tried to scarf it down. Holden weighed 25 pounds, about 15 pounds under what he should normally weigh.

the shelter was already so overcrowded it had no room for him. Holden was in limbo, wrapped up in a blanket in the intake area, waiting while shelter staff reached out urgently via social media for help.

Unfortunately, things got worse for Holden before they got better. It was discovered that Holden had something inside of his body. Something that might have killed him.

At the veterinarian, X-rays revealed a 7-pound tumor lodged in Holden’s body, making it hard for him to even eat anything. Surprisingly going through all of this, Holden always responded with wagging tails towards the voice of kindness.

By this time, another rescue called “Releash Atlanta” had agreed to help with Holden’s further care and recovery.

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