Miracle Chihuahua Survives Being Picked Up and Dropped by Hawk

The little pup was examined and it seemed he was going to be okay. He was then transferred to Austin Animal Center (AAC).

(Photo: Austin Animal Center)

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, everyone was shocked by the puppy’s incredible story, and took to calling him “Miracle Puppy,” because the fact that such a tiny creature had survived such a massive fall was truly a miracle.

(Photo: Austin Animal Center)

The little guy was only 6 weeks old, and after everything he’d already been through, all he wanted was to be loved by his new shelter friends.

Considering his sheer tininess — not much bigger than a mouse — Tony Hawk probably seemed like a good idea to a hungry hawk.

(Photo: Austin Animal Center)

The shelter staff knew the dog would make the perfect pet for his forever-family-to-be. Tony Hawk is a survivor and an inspiration to all!

There are several applications for his adoption already and some are really good candidates. Tony Hawk will soon find a new home who will take care of him as part of their family.

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H/T: Thedodo

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