Miracle Chihuahua Survives Being Picked Up and Dropped by Hawk

One day, A team of construction workers were going about their business when they heard a tiny yip of a dog. They searched around the construction site but came up with nothing.

(Photo: Austin Animal Center)

It was such an unbelievable sight, when they figured out that the sound is coming from above the sky. When they looked up, what they saw worried them. High above their heads, a puppy was flying through the air — in the clutches of a hawk.

Eventually, the hawk let go of the puppy and they watched helplessly as the puppy shoots down towards the ground. They hurried and ran towards where the dog landed and found out that it was a very young chihuahua.

(Photo: Austin Animal Center)

They couldn’t believe their eyes. Aside from a few superficial wounds on his head, the chihuahua was surprisingly unhurt but terrified. The workers scooped him up and brought him to the nearest vet.

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