Mesmerising Video of 5 Years old girl Playing with Her 14 German Shepherd Army

No matter where you are in the world, the love between humans and dogs is the same everywhere. Dogs are best friends to every human in every corner of this big world!

We shouldn’t be calling this proof, because we all know that dogs are man’s best friend everywhere, despite being the smartest within all dog breeds, some people think German Shepherds are not the best choice when there are young children in the family, because they can be vicious and disobedient as much as they are loyal, the footage below proves that belief wrong. instead what are you about to see is like a story out of a children’s book!

A group of German Shepherds – 14 of them, to be exact – are all best friends to one tiny human. Pernille from Norway is only 5 years old and she is never too far from her 14 furry best friends! They look like a guardian angels surround her, following her every step and never being more than a few feet away from her.

Watching that ground run and play with the grass that little Pernille throws in the air is truly mesmerizing. Like a photoshoot about the good life in the prairie, waiting to happen! With the girl’s blond hair and bright pink top, she is easily spotted in the mass of brown and black fur.

German Shepherd dogs might be big a sort of menacing looking, given that we know them from police movies, but this footage of further proof that this dog breed can be very playful and caring towards their owners. Watching all those dogs run on the meadow with Pernille, not one of them pushing her on the ground or doing anything to harm her, really instills confidence into our minds.

Now would be a good idea to look for a breeder, or better yet, a shelter that has a German Shepherd to adopt!

Source: Precious Little Girl Plays With 14 German Shepherds by fearless

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