Kind Kids Read Holiday Stories To Shelter Dogs To Help Them Trust Humans Again

“Deck the Howls” December 2018, the third annual reading event organized by the Humane Society of Missoury. Where kids aged +5 years old wear their favorite Holiday PJs, and read to Shelter pets a bedtime story.

The Shelter Buddies Reading Program at the Humane Society of Missour was designed to help the shelter dogs become more adoptable. Participants sit outside of the dogs kennel and read to them, which helps shy dogs learn to relax around people, while teaching high-energy dogs that calm behavior is desirable and trust humans again after the harsh abandonment experience.

In addition to this our beloved kids improves their reading skills and enjoyed some hot cocoa and cookies.

So If you are looking to find a pet, consider adopting that was the main goal of this successful annual event

Source: Deck the Howls at the Humane Society of Missouri by HumaneSocietyofMissouri

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