Hedgie Rescued Pup Trust His Teen Brother More Than Anyone

Mason Forsythe, and his mother were looking to adopt female golden retriever that would change the Holly Township family’s life. But when 15-year-old boy start petting a five-month-old mixed-breed dog at a local pet store, the plan changed.

“ this is the one! We actually went to look at a different dog and I really liked him,” said Forsythe.


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They were told by the rescue that Hedgie had been tied outside for most or all of his puppyhood and whatever interaction he had with people probably wasn’t terribly positive. The poor dog had never felt true love.

“He was really scared. We’d force him to love us,” said Mason. the five-month-old pup was anxious and barking while hiding under a table upon arriving at the Forsythe home. But the boy, Mason, said he would take the dog to his bed for the night. That’s when their bond began.

The next morning, it was like Hedgie was a completely different dog They became inseparable and now do everything together.

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But it wasn’t long before Hedgie started having trouble walking and eating A visit to the veterinarian’s office revealed Hedgie suffers from megaesophagus and myasthenia gravis. but putting him down was not an option.

Megaesophagus causes food and water to collect in the esophagus and leads to the animal regurgitating when it can no longer fit, with Mason describing it as a “deflated balloon.” Despite the circumstances, Mason said, “I wouldn’t really give up on a dog, especially him.”

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The family started feeding Hedgie in his special chair, and it worked perfectly!

Mason also took to social media to try and spread awareness of Hedgie’s conditions.

He launched an Instagram page Hedgie The Hedgedog to help spread awareness of the medical conditions to others.

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