Hawaiian Dog Buried Alive Gets Rescued Just In Time

A dog that was buried alive in Hawaii is recovering from numerous injuries after being rescued last week.

The animal rescue group said the dog, named Leialoha, was found “incredibly swollen, sunburned and missing 90 percent of her fur.” They said a Good Samaritan reported to them that a man was burying the dog in the sand.

After finding Leialoha with lacerations in one her front left leg, PAWS for Hawaii suspected that the same man used a knife to cut her.

“This beautiful girl was found by one of our team members,” the organization reported through social media. “Someone had just buried her and they had a machete so who knows what was next.”

The poor four-footer was in terrible shape, and it looked like she wasn’t doing well even before she got buried underneath the sand. As for the heartless owner, he hasn’t been found yet, but it’s assumed that he wanted to ‘end the suffering’ of Leialoha.

“He felt he was ending her suffering by trying to end her life, instead of getting her the help she needed,” said the Executive Director of PAWS of Hawaii, Ku’ulei Durand.

Meanwhile, police have opened an investigation for the man responsible for burying this dog alive.

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