Estimated 450 German Shepherds Rescued From a Terrible Breeder After Horrific Discovery In Georgia

Belinda Powell was arrested and will be charged with animal cruelty because roughly 450 dogs were found on two properties she owns in Georgia’s Candler and Montgomery counties.

According to AJC, Majority of the dogs will need at least months of adequate treatment and care to start the recovery process. After they were all found  in deplorable conditions on her land in Higgstown, Georgia. But when she began moving dogs to another property in Candler County, neighbors began to complain about the constant barking, yelping, and poor conditions.

Claudine Wilkins, founder of the nonprofit Animal Law Source, was at the Montgomery County rescue operation

“We were walking in mud and feces up to our knees,” she told the news station. “It was so bad that the igloos that she had for the dogs were submerged in water. So there was no place for these dogs to stand in a dry spot.”

It’s unclear why Powell was keeping so many dogs in such terrible conditions, but Wilkins suspects that the dog breeder’s motivations were monetary.

Investigators from the state had earlier gone to the location, but said they found no violations that required any  action. However, the community stood firm on behalf of the dogs and made sure they were heard. It wasn’t until A brave lad took a stroll into the property and sent photos of the horrific conditions to the police that they decided an arrest had to be made. .

The Atlanta Humane Society, Animal Aid USA, Animal Law Source and other rescue groups are now trying to find homes and funds to help the wounded animals.

“It’s expensive. We have to house them, take care of them and vet them,” Wilkins said. “So these rescues that took them in need support.”

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