Dog Who Survived Fire Now Training to be Therapy For Other Burn Victims

There was just one problem: Taka lacked obedience and was aggressive towards her other dogs. Although the thought of giving him up to a dog shelter broke her heart, Lesley could not keep a dog with serious behavior problems.

That’s when someone recommended the Canine Training Project, who are specialized in dog training and dog therapy. Despite his age and lack of prior training, Taka immediately rose to the challenge and proved to be a good dog.

Source: Care More Animal Hospital via Facebook

“[Older dogs] can be trained just like any other dog,” CTP founder, Mandy Foster told WRDW News. “Sometimes it takes a little bit longer, but in Taka’s case he’s nine-years-old and he has flown through his training. He’s brilliant.”

Taka did well with his training that included dog service techniques and therapy, Crystal was able to keep the pup. In the end, she decided to adopt him as one of her own.

 “I had been taking him home with me every day, so eventually I realized I couldn’t part with him,” Lesley says. That’s when Taka officially became Lesley’s. “After months of recovery and the impact he had on the community.  I was approached by a nurse at the burn center about Taka coming in to visit burned children, in hopes of giving them something to relate to.”

Lesley knew right away that Taka’s personality was perfect for this job, the therapy and the care he had was efficient. “He LOVES kids and people,” she says. She describes him as the perfect mixture of silly and sweet. “I thought about it and decided that he was too special not to share him with the world.”.

Taka took his Canine Good Citizen test on July 26, 2019, and he passed with flying colors! Now, Taka will be able to start working as a therapy dog with patients at the burn center, he’s now a fully trained cheerful pooch who’d bring joy to hoomans.

“To see that he could be an encouragement or at least a light at the end of the tunnel for a child or anybody that has gone through what he’s gone through is what all of this is about,” Chrystal said.

Moral of the story, dogs bring hope and joy, and proper care such as obedience training, therapy and a follow up could not only benefit the parents but the community around them as well.

Taka is a brave, resilient pup who is going to make a great therapy dog! We’re so glad that Taka has found such a great place to call home.

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