Dog Has Best Reaction Over ‘Smelly’ Shirt Sent From Overseas By His Deployed Dad

Brindle is a sweet dog who loves his parents more than anything in the world. The little puppy has been living a sad, lonely shelter life before he met JD Aument and his wife, Rachel. He was so happy to have a home.

Source: Rachel Aument via Facebook

The Pennsylvania couple also have another dog, Xavier. Rachel says that Xavier is closer to her, and Brindle is closer to JD.

So when JD was deployed overseas in 2018, Brindle had an especially difficult time. JD served overseas for about a year as a firefighter in the Army Reserves. His absence affected the whole family, but for Brindle, it became unbearable.

“He’s so sad without him here,” Rachel said back in March. At that point, JD had been gone for nine months. “He has days where he just sits at the front window, crying.”

We can’t blame him. Dogs do not know that their owners are safe and sound elsewhere. In their minds, the owners are totally gone and there is nothing left to do.

According to Rachel, the dog would just sit in the window and cry. JD was sad to learn about his dog’s despondent behavior. That’s when he came up with an incredible idea that would serve as a true game-changer.

If he couldn’t be there physically for his buddy, he could give him the next best thing — his scent!

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