Blind Golden Retriever Gets Adorable ‘Seeing Eye’ Puppy To Help Him Out

Dogs are well known as “man’s best friend” but they’re pretty great pals to each other too. Case in point: Charlie, and his “seeing eye” puppy Maverick.

Charlie got glaucoma and unfortunately had to have both his eyes removed. While Charlie seemed healthy, his owners did notice that he moved slower and looked less excitable.

Source: Charlie and Maverick via Instagram

His devoted parents wanted to bring back some of his old spark, and so they decided to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy named Maverick.

Source: Charlie and Maverick via Instagram

The 11-year-old golden retriever has become a social media sensation with his new friend, four-month-old pup, Maverick. The two pooches are from North Carolina, and have amassed 92,700 followers on their shared Instagram page.

Source: Charlie and Maverick via Instagram

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