These Are The Best 5 Natural Joint Supplements For Dogs in 2020

Have you noticed your dog straining to get up from lying down? Maybe they’re avoiding the stairs in your home, or seem to have less stamina during playtime. If your dog is a senior, the culprit could be arthritis or osteoarthritis—and that means it’s time to find the best joint supplements for your dog.

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Hip and joint issues, including hip dysplasia, are very common ailments that afflict a significant percentage of the dog population. Although these types of problems are rarely life-threatening, they usually reduce a dog’s quality of life and make even mundane tasks, such as walking and getting up from bed difficult.

Did you know that 1 out of 4 dogs suffers from arthritis?

Arthritis isn’t always the result of old age either … 70% of joint disease is the result of developmental diseases and 22% of arthritis cases are in dogs under one year.

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As dogs age, they’re more prone to developing joint conditions, particularly osteoarthritis (OA) and arthritis, says Patrick Mahaney, DVM, CVA, owner of Los Angeles-based California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness (CPAW) Inc.

Causes of Joint Pain in Dogs

The two major categories of joint problems are developmental and degenerative problems. With developmental problems, you have things like hip or elbow dysplasia, where the joint does not develop correctly in a number of different ways.

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Degenerative problems cover a number of areas. But the most common, and the most common cause of arthritis in dogs, is cruciate ligament problems, where the ligament is degenerating over time and causing instability and secondary osteoarthritis.

Similar to human’s, your dogs joints need to be properly cared for (proper nutrition, stretching, proper exercise, etc.,) or they can start to breakdown and cause discomfort for your dog. According to PetCoach there are 7 other diseases that can affect your dog’s joints:

  • Ligament, tendon or muscle diseases that can tear or rupture over time
  • Fractures at the joint
  • Congenital (present from birth) disorders like Wobbler’s syndrome or a luxated patella
  • Dietary or hormonal disease
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Cancer
  • Inflammatory joint disease such as Lyme disease or rheumatoid arthritis

Sadly, the market is littered with supplements for dog joints that do nothing to prevent canine joint problems. It is thus, imperative that we choose only those that have been proven effective. To give you a headstart, we’ve conducted a research into the 5 best joint supplements for dogs. Hopefully, these will give you an idea of what to give to your beloved pooch.

#1 Cosequin DS Maximum Strength Plus MSM

The Cosequin DS Plus remains one of the most trusted supplements for dog joints primarily for its excellent combination of three powerful ingredients that are known to improve joint health, facilitate cartilage remodeling and regeneration, and alleviating some of the symptoms associated with arthritis. It contains methylsulfonylmethane or MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin, all working to provide your dog with optimum joint health. The formulation comes in chewable tablet form so administering it to pets shouldn’t be that difficult.

The Cosequin DS Plus with MSM has earned 4.5/5 from over 4,000 reviewers. Because there are no guarantees that joint supplements work, this kind of positive feedback and loyal customer base is a great indicator of success.

#2 BIXBI Organic Pet Superfood Daily Dog & Cat Supplement

Bixbi uses natural antioxidants and superfoods to tackle inflammation and eliminate toxins, and contains seven ingredients in its formula: organic cordyceps, organic reishi, organic agaricus blazei, organic coriolus versicolor, natural eggshell membrane, organic shiitake, and organic maitake. Most of its formula is organic mushrooms and Bixbi assures, “These aren’t the mushrooms you associate with the 60’s and acid rock. These are carefully selected, organically grown mushrooms.” The natural eggshell membrane will theoretically support joint health in a similar way to chondroitin.

#3 Doggie Dailies Glucosamine for Dogs

One of the advantages of giving your pet the Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs in soft chew form is that it contains two additional ingredients that may not be found in other products. The Doggie Dailies contain Co-Enzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid. CoQ10 is important for its antioxidant activity while HA is best known for improving the production of synovial fluid which effectively lubricates the entire joint capsule. Without the synovial fluid, pain and swelling will be more severe, leading to immobility. There are vitamins, micronutrients, and minerals, too, that help promote overall joint health.

#4 Dogswell Hip and Joint Jerky

We loved the great list of ingredients that Dogswell offers. Its 9 ingredients support joint and overall health with additions like vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, and clean protein from hormone-free chicken. Like Cosequin, Dogswell uses glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joint function. Typically, biscuits and treats for dogs will use wheat, grain, and soy fillers and artificial flavors. You won’t find any such additive with the Dogswell jerky.

#5 Genuine Naturals Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs

Add the superior anti-inflammatory action of turmeric to the healthy joint capabilities of MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine and you get this product from Genuine Naturals in soft chews. It also includes yucca which is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties owing to its being a rich source of Vitamin C. The soft chew preparation of this arthritis medicine for dogs makes it an exceptional choice for individuals who may have pets that dislike tablets. At any rate, your dog will get the right amounts of these healthy joint-giving substances in a preparation than dogs easily recognize

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