Abandoned Dog Has Second Mouth Where Her Ear Should be, Finally Finds Forever Home

The Oklahoma City Animal Welfare shelter took in an abandoned dog that had very unique features. Toad is a normal dog apart from one thing – she has a second mouth growing where the ear should have been. It even had teeth and salivated.

She was then taken to Mutt Misfits, a nearby rescue centre for animals with extreme medical needs when it was discovered she had the unusual second mouth growing on the side of her head.

But Toad’s owner Heather Hernandez said that despite her unusual medical condition, the mutt’s life is fairly normal

Despite Toad’s two mouths, misaligned face, and limited hearing and vision, the 5-year-old former-stray dog is smiling double after finding her forever home thanks to her new owner, Heather Hernandez, the charity’s co-founder that she fell in love with the “special” dog the moment she laid eyes on her.

“We realized immediately she was different,” Hernandez the station. “Obviously, the way she looks but, her personality and her bond to me and my family, it was just so immediate.”

Source: Facebook

“She’s one in a million,” she added.

“Her primary veterinarian thinks that maybe she absorbed a twin in utero and so that’s kind of how the deformity surfaced,” Hernandez said. “The main teeth, the ones you see primarily, they are connected to her skull, so we leave them.”

Source: Facebook She then made her way to Mutt Misfits, a nearby rescue centre for animals for major medical conditions

The second mouth doesn’t cause Toad that much pain apart from some discomfort due to cracked teeth.

“The main teeth, the ones you see primarily, they are connected to her skull, so we leave them,” Ms Hernandez says.

Source: Facebook The second mouth is said to rarely cause Toad pain aside from ‘some discomfort’ due to cracked teeth

“Just because an animal doesn’t look perfect, it can still make a perfect pet and a perfect part of the family,” she said.

Toad’s understanding owner says that despite having this strange anomaly of a face, she’s really just a normal, sweet, and loving dog. Of course, there are a few things that are special about Toad compared to other dogs.

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