A Famous Photographer From Moscow Abandons Her Career To Live With 100 Dogs In The Forest

all over the world, there are dedicated animal lovers willing to sacrifice their own comforts to care for creatures in need. These people go above and beyond to aid their animal friends, whether it means staying behind to tend to cats in war-torn Syria, spending Chinese New Year saving stray dogs, or, in the case of Daria Pushkareva, leaving a successful career in Russia’s capital city to live with ailing animals in a forest.

The young woman had an amazing professional situation.

‘I was one of the top five Moscow wedding photographers,’ she told the website Bored Panda, who carried out an interview with the young among. Among her clients were politicians, businessmen, elite members of the Moscow society. She used to work in cinema and so was used to hellish work conditions. But she wanted to take time for herself. When she was a photographer, she never felt fulfilled anymore.

She continued,

“I then remembered my childhood when I and my classmates were talking about future professions and I said that I wanted to run a dog shelter. One day, I saw a piece about a shelter puppy without an eye. It needed 10K rubles ($150) to book a visit to the ophthalmologist. I met a volunteer to give her the money for the dog’s treatment in person and she told me, “Thank you, but we can’t take her to the vet. There’s no one to do it right now.”

She volunteered to pay for the surgery. With her husband, she rescued seven dogs and then decided to go after her childhood dream.

‘Then and there, we took out two loans and bought a country house 160km (100 miles) away from Moscow and moved with our dogs. We built six enclosures for our rescue dogs and began living completely new and different lives.’

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