8 Rescued Matted Labradoodles Enjoy Their First Long Spa Day Ever

Last Week National Mill Dog Rescue saved eight Labradoodles from a puppy mill. There are definetly beautiful dogs under that matted, filthy mess. So these hero rescuers do what they do the best! making the dogs great again!

The condition of Hallie and the other doodles was shocking .. starting by Grooming the matted dogs and that was not just about maintaining their level of cleanliness, nor keeping them good-looking. That was essential to immediately maintain both the physical health as well as their appearance. “this is so sad you because you could just see her spine in her hip, i bet she weighs less than 30 pounds” commented the woman.

Now Halley is in good hands and could enjoy the rest of her spa day until the day she found new loving home.

Watch Hallie Incredible Transformation in the video below, wait until to see the grateful kisses she gives to her groomer, who was incredibly gentle and loving with these dogs no wonder they trust her so much.

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