30 Homeless Pets and 1 Holiday Feast

Freshpet Invited 30 very deserving Homeless dogs & cats to celebrate the holiday season with a Freshpet feast. It’s the Christmas spirit Everyone deserves to be treated like family these blessed days.

Shelters Across the united states are full of poor fur babies who are in desparate need of a good home. Eva, Daisy, Fievel, teddy and others had a lot of fun during this event, each of these good loving pets was fed, played with and had their bellies rubbed  and many found their new home.

For every video share, they said they’d donate a meal to a shelter pet in need, up to 10,000 meals. Well…

“We met our goal of 10,000 meals! Thank you for everyone who shared our video. We said for every video share we would donate one meal to a shelter pet in need, up to 10,000 meals.”

“We’re now at 30,000 shares and counting! We didn’t anticipate all your Facebook and YouTube shares. So in the spirit of giving, we will triple our commitment and donate 30,000 meals. We ask that you continue to share

Kind Kids Read Holiday Stories To Shelter Dogs To Help Them Trust Humans Again