10 Dogs & Cat Ruined The Holiday Decor Before Christmas Day Even Arrives!

If you’re looking to switch up your holiday decor, a great place to start is with your Christmas tree. Take a little decorative risk and opt for extravagance with a statement-making tree that will enliven your home and wow your guests. But whenever your cat or dog plays with your Christmas décor, there’s a good chance it will end up ruined before Christmas day even arrives.

Having pet-friendly holiday decor requires a few small, but simple changes. We hope you can have a wonderful holiday display that will be safe for everyone in your household to enjoy. I can’t stop laughin at these cute dogs and cats whom couldn’t adapt to their new holiday décor, see the full gallery below.

1. Now I’m sure this one didn’t fall by it self

source: Bored Panda/imgur.com

2. No Presents for you this year! Santa sent it all just for me

source: Bored Panda/imgur.com

3. Oh! You are back home early .. I swear the tree just fainted

source: Bored Panda/imgur.com

4. Timber! Ok i Have Everything Done for Today

source: Bored Panda/imgur.com

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